Italian Certificates

Italian Certificates

ProServices can obtain any kind of certificate in all Italian cities on your behalf:

Birth Certificate

Company’s Certificate

Certificate of Diploma

Family Status

Marriage Certificate

Police Records

Residence Certificate

Our service range is not limited to certificate obtainment: if you are in the need to obtain the legalization of your documents or certificates by Italian authorites, you are looking to have the Apostille or if you need your documents to be legalized by the foreign Consulate in Italy to have them accepted by foreign authorities, then we can satisfy your requests. In line with our philosofy, we provide top-notch service at very reasonable price: do not hesitate to write us for a quote!


Authorities often ask for the translation of the documents and of the certificates in your possess, whenever they are necessary for legal purposes.

Assisting hundreds of people each month, we rely on a net of translators authorized by the Italian authorities to swear their translations from or into the Italian language. Our translators can provide sworn translations from or to all main languages (including English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese).


Fast, easy and secured payments through the PayPal system. ProServices is a supporter.

You can pay for your certificates with a bank transfer or through the fast and trusted PayPal System.

Italy Certificates

"Have you been requested for an Italian Criminal Record for your job? Foreign immigration authorities requests for your Italian Criminal Records even if you have never lived in Italy?

 We can procure these records for you."